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12 Dec

Will you qualify for less mortgage is January 2018?


Posted by: Mark Alltree

I’ve been asked repeatedly just exactly how the new government stress test affects borrowing capacity and exactly who is affected by these changes.  From my analysis, 20.3% of my clients may be affected.

To keep it really simple, I’ve created two very short videos that show you the answers including:

  • the range of reduced borrowing capacity for those 20.3% affected; and
  • a side-by-side comparison of current vs. 2018 borrowing capacity

The stats used are all from my own client portfolio to help establish a realistic, not a government or media sample, of who is really potentially affected by these changes and by how much.

I hope it helps you better understand the changes.  Please click here to watch and share these two videos.  Your comments are welcome on the video landing page too.

Cheers, Mark