Using home equity to your advantage

If you’re a home owner, have challenged credit and need to consolidate debt, get a transition mortgage.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Preserve what credit history you have and significantly improve your rating to help make your mortgage “bank” qualify in the near future.  If you have seriously challenged credit, or your credit just isn’t good enough for a bank approval right now, my transition mortgage may be just right for you.

Get a mortgage now that takes care of your immediate financial needs and reduces your stress. Next, receive a custom written credit plan to transition you from a non-traditional mortgage to a traditional “bank” mortgage.

Get your feet back on the ground and re-establish your credit to transition back into competitive interest rate territory. Get started now on your transition mortgage.

Lending fees will apply for initial Transition Mortgage. Rate and fee estimates will be provided up-front.

Once your credit has been re-established, we transition you to a mortgage with no lending fee and competitive rates based on your improved credit rating.

Get started now…don’t wait until it’s too late.