• First-Time-Home-Buyer

    With mortgage rates at historic lows there’s never been a better time to buy your first home. Let a Dominion Lending Centres’ Centre specialist help you understand the options available to you at this important stage in your life.
Get your home buyers guide!

We have leading edge calculators and our award winning MMT (My Mortgage Tool Box) a down loadable APP that lets you get pre-qualified in just a few clicks.

But...let this be a starting point, not "your final pre-qualification answer", you may be missing a strategy unique to your application that could increase you borrowing capacity.  For example, you may have:
  • One or more student loans that could potentially reduce your buying capacity...there can be a strategy to reduce or eliminate any impact on how much you can borrow!
  • A partial or completed gifted down payment from an immediate family member...there can be a tax strategy to consider!
  • Other debt like credit cards, a line-of credit, a car loan or lease...a global look at all your financial circumstances may map out an entirely different ownership pathway than any calculator could present to you.
  • Get pre-qualified professionally and then get pre-approved and a rate guarantee!
  • Bottom line - experience a strategy...not just a mortgage®

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