Covid-19 Resource Information

In this post, you’ll find an 8 page resource booklet to help you navigate the the financial effects of Covid-19 and much more. Inside:

  • Virus protection measures
  • The position of banks, credit unions and mortgage finance companies on payment deferral options
  • lender contact info
  • Detailed info on relief options if you have an insured mortgage with CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty
  • Real Estate Investor info if you own property and have tenants facing uncertainties about their affordability summarized by province.
  • Summary of additional financial measures available from the Canadian Government for emergency response benefits for individuals and business.
  • Five simple steps you can take to help resolve any financial difficulties you may be experiencing.
  • Provincial Land Title options if there is a disruption in service
  • Emotional resources for mental health impact
  • Self-Assessment links for most provinces

Update information will continue to be provided on a daily basis at

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